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Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2) - C.J. Roberts My version of Caleb :

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Not sure where to start on this one. As much as I loved the book, I know it's not a story for everyone. With that said, it was definitely a story for me. I love characters who persevere through the harshest circumstances and Caleb and Livvie are perfect examples. It's also an example where one was truly the perfect mate for the other...soul mates if you will.

I was surprised at my reaction to some of the content. Example Caleb placed his fingers near his mouth and licked her virgin blood off of them. Livvie's face went from embarassment to horror. Caleb didn't care. "There. Now you're part of me, forever. You're mine, Livvie. I hope you understand" At first I was like WTF? That is disgusting. Then I read it again. Pondered on it for a moment and thought that is one of the most perverse yet romantic things I've ever read .

This book brought me out of the box, stripped me bare and had me all knotted up the entire time. I will never forget these people. That is certain. To me, that is the mark of truly exceptional characters.