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The Hollow (Sign of Seven Trilogy, Book 2) - Nora Roberts So I used to be a book snob. I was an English major so I would only read books considered 'literature'. Even though I mostly read modern lit or southern lit....it had to be 'literature' and certainly not romance novels...OMG...NO! Well, I ended up visiting with some friends out of state and had left the book I was reading at home. I asked where the closed bookstore was so I could go and pick something up. Well, my friend was a reader too....of romance and smut. She couldn't believe as much as I read that I'd never read a Nora Roberts book. She loaned me this series and here I am around 6 years later and I've read almost everything the woman has written and I mostly read smut now :) Thank God I forgot my book that trip! I was missing out on so much!

By the way, this series is good and it has a paranormal twist to it! So not only was I introduced to romance but paranormal as well.
This is Fox's book and it was my favorite of the three books!