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I Am Her... - Sarah Ann Walker First of all

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I have to be honest here, all of my friends who read this gave it 5 stars with the exception of one friend who gave it one star but it was a DNF for her and I just don't count those. Sorry, it is my opinion in order for your rating to count with me, you need to finish the book. Now, where was I?

Oh, about the book...for me

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At around 30% I was thinking

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While the entire time this was me

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I persevered thinking it would surely get better, I mean, what about all those 5 stars??? Right??? I have trusted friends who loved it! This book was hand picked, by me, off the favorites shelf of my most compatible friend. It had to get better.....

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I'm not saying don't read this. I have several other friends who loved it. But for me, it was just

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