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Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma I guess I'll start by saying, I personally don't have siblings so my frame of reference is limited. Even though I know incest isn't accepted by society's standards and is wrong simply from a biological standpoint and I don't personally supprt it, I found myself 100% rooting for this relationship to work. Not only for it to work but for it to fully develope. So it totally made me feel like....

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Even though I consider myself to have a pretty strong moral compass, as soon as I got connected to Lochan and Maya's overwhelmingly torturous love for each other, my morals went

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When the two doomed start crossed lovers finally come together in the most intimate way a part of my brain is thinking

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but my heart was elated. To say I had mixed emotions would be the UNDERSTATEMENT of the year!

I could see the direction of the story early on and the author was pretty clear with Lochan's mental state throughout the story. My heart also went out to Kit. It was clear he suffered from middle child syndrome along with suffering from the neglect they were all subjected to.

Considering what a tragedy the story is, I think it would have benefited with some comic relief. Overall, I'm glad I read it.