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Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas I've been all over the place on rating and reviewing this book. So if you gave it a low rating, I'm in total agreement with you! My rating is based solely on the fact the book was able to take my mind (and libido) in places I would normally be totally against. It was able to totally manipulate me emotionally. I know somewhere in my subconscious I was doing this

I went in blind thinking it was some type of

The answer to that would be a big fat

We have two characters in this book: Emily and the guy who's never named....Let's call him 'The Monster'....it fits. As soon as I met The Monster

I just kept thinking

It finally became clear

Then, things started getting really bad......and sexual. While everything The Montser's doing I'm thinking

and yet I'm

I guess on some level I'm thinking (against my better judgement)

I hate what he's doing and yet it's turning me on?

I really HATED The Monster. I wanted to cut off testicles and make him eat them. THEN, I found out The Monster's story.

Now I'm thinking

But I'm not sure if I do.

Emily eventually leaves The Monster and the sensible part me is saying

Yet, there's this other part of me (that is clearly insane) screaming

In the end I realized

I'm left wondering why things couldn't have went differently while also hoping for the possibility they can. I would love a second book.