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Tailspin (Better Than You, #2) - Raquel Valldeperas *arc provided in exchange for an honest review*

I loved the first book so much I was highly anticipating the release of this one. When the author contacted me asking if I would read it before it was released.....I was beyond excited...

photo tumblr_lj9okiHLQP1qixleeo1_250_zps11c3d56a.gif

I was humbled...

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It made my day.

Now I would like to throw out this disclaimer... I don't know this author from Adam's house cat. I got a copy of her first book Toxic from The New Adult Book Club. I contacted her after I read it to let her know how good I thought it was and she thanked me. That is about the gist of our relationship. I say that because when I see books that don't have a lot of reviews I wonder if the 5 star reviews are from family and friends...I'm neither. So if you're a cynic like me you can rest assured I actually did love the book and I can't wait for more from this author.

We've established I loved Toxic, which is Lo's story and in which Nathan is a character. Tailspin is told from Nathan's POV but it isn't the same story just retold from a different POV. This is actually Nathan's story. It has a totally different feel from the first book and really has me excited to hear more from this author.

Bottom line: I highly recommend both books! They have highly authentic characters who deal with and persevere through some of life's harshest circumstances.