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This Book -> -> -> -> -> [bc:This Girl|15784909|This Girl (Slammed, #3)|Colleen Hoover|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1364326075s/15784909.jpg|21502991] is just simply outstanding!

This is the third book I've read where it's the males POV of a previously read novel. It's also by far the best. Of course, Slammed being my favorite of the three, This Girl was already at an advantage. However, Colleen Hoover easily set her book apart from the others by making me actually feel like I was reading an entirely new story at times. I was made privy to so many details of story that were hidden in Slammed. Basically, during some of the situations, I felt like I was experiencing it for the first time... for that, Kudos to you Ms. Hoover!

One of the biggest revelations that made an impact on me was the description of Vaughn's eyes when she broke up with Will...

"Will, don't" she pleads. "Please don't be made at me." She's looking up at me with tears in her eyes. When she cries, her eyes turn a glossy, deep shade of blue. I used to tell her they were the exact same color as the ocean. Looking into her eyes right now almost makes me despise the ocean.

I already loved the poem The Lake but gaining an understaning that the ocean was also a metaphor for Vaughn made me love it all the more.

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If I wanted to mention every single thing I loved about the book, well, I'd just have to refer you back to the book. The main thing I loved about the series as a whole was the characters. They were unique and real and totally lovable but my favorite of them all....was Will.

Will Cooper, to put it frankly

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Will Cooper is simply perfect! He had me in Slammed at grilled cheese sandwiches. While reminiscing back on their first date, he says of Lake

I like how she seemed to prefer the grilled cheese sandwiches to a restaurant. I like girls who don't mind the simple things every now and then. I like that we're holding hands.

I too prefer simple things and this passage reminded of one of my favorite quotes:

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We also get a better feel for the internal struggle Will dealt with over following his heart verses following a moral code in This Girl.

I hate the fact that I'm her teacher. I'd so much rather be her Will.

It was surprising to learn he would have quit his job if she'd asked him to and it was also surprising to learn he was about to ask her to wait for him when Julia intervened. It was so wonderful to feel how he was just as love struck from the very beginning as Layken was. I can't think of two characters more perfect for each other than Layken and Will. Just their connection alone and when you couple that with their circumstances, I whole heartedly believe they were soul mates :)

Thank you Colleen for sharing such a wonderful story with us! Books like these are the reason I have such a passion for reading.

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